No Time - Like the Present

It seems that there is no argument about the fact that Now exists everywhere Now, and that Now keeps on changing. Now the sun is shining, a large cloud moves in front, and Now the sun isn’t shining.

Now I feel OK, I drink a tot of whisky and Now I feel much better.

The clock on the wall tells me it is 8.26 Now and as I look at it – the clock tells me that it is 8.27 Now. It seems as if a minute of Time has passed. I go for a coffee and a digestive biscuit and I return an hour later and regret that I seem to have wasted a whole hour of Time. Perhaps I should re read my edition of Time Management.

Perhaps I need to reconsider my extravagant use of Coffee Time and reduce Coffee Time by half – which would mean twice the number of Coffee Times that could be packed into a day. But does this mean that a day could be 48 Coffee Times or 24 Coffee Times. There is, of course a problem, I am asleep for eight hours of Time which means that a day could only be 16 or 32 Coffee Times. There is another big problem – why on earth should I dream up this arbitrary way of measuring Time – after all Time is Time and not some arbitrary measurement – or is it ?

Could it be that we exist in a world without Time where only a constantly changing Now exists without a past or a future, and where Time is just an arbitrary concept we have dreamed up to try to make sense of all the changes to Now as they keep on occurring.